Title insurance protects you and the lender on your home from claims against the property resulting from such issues as contractor’s liens, unpaid taxes or property disputes. Once their certification is complete they will introduce you to a title agency who can assist with insuring your transaction. But in other locations, title insurance is one more closing cost that you can shop for. So with a tax deed, you now have the property after the redeemption period, and would have course have done a title search to see if there was any person from three deeds ago some ex wife from the second owner or something that may have some claim ( this this is the same with any property you may buy without a warranty deed) However, as routine as it may seem, the prospective buyer is still trying to buy an insurance policy and it’s up to the insurance company to decide if they want to insure the title of the property. Without title insurance, any undiscovered lien is your responsibility. As a title company , much of our work can be done behind the scenes. Alternatively, if a purchaser at a tax deed sale holds an interest in the property purchased and pays taxes on it for at least four (4) years, then it is possible to avoid filing a quiet title action. But, if the lien is for taxes not paid by someone who owned the house 80 years ago, then you may have coverage under your title policy. Typically, borrowers must provide title insurance policies to protect the lenders' monetary interests. So, for instance, if you have liens filed against the property for taxes that you didn't get around to paying, your title insurance policy is not going to help you. If you have purchased property as part of a tax deed sale, you need to make sure that you have a marketable title, especially if you want to resell that property. Your client purchased a home through a property tax sale. If you did not purchase title insurance, unpaid property taxes or a roofer who has yet to be paid for work on the house with a lien that wasn't found before closing becomes your responsibility. You can obtain marketable title to the property by initiating a quiet title action. You can also order a title search on the property from a title company, although no title company will ever deliver a 100 percent guarantee that a property's title is free defects. But that’s why you buy title insurance. Tax Deed In most states, including Florida, in order to insure title to property purchased at a tax deed sale, it is necessary to undertake a court procedure called a “Quiet Title Action.” Without title insurance, it is difficult to sell or finance the tax deed property once you have become the successful bidder. The buyer may not even be aware that there may have been any title defects existing at all. A policy of title insurance insures against defects in or liens or encumbrances on a party’s title to the property. To obtain title insurance quickly in FL, Tax Title Services offers a certification that can qualify the property for title insurance in about 30 days. The American Land Title Association provides a list of insurers by state and city.

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